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Dolphin 7.0.8 upgrade to Dolphin 7.1 Fix issues and add payment module

My site uses dolphin, it is a HIGHLY trafficked adult fetish site. I need a payment module installed with ability to move certain functions to pay only members. There are 600,000 photos tons of video, massive forum and 10,000 members. This is a BIG site and I need it upgraded. ONLY apply if you can show me REAL past experience with Dolphin. ONLY apply IF you have real world experience with this platform. You will have to verify and show me that you have real experience. This isn't a project to "start" learning on. Currently running Dolphin 7.0.8 need to upgrade to Dolphin 7.1 then will need some assistance in fixing registration issues for birth date and formatting issues with forums. Also need a payment module of some sort. I want a seperate instance of dolphin installed and see that it IS WORKING THEN and ONLY THEN I want my data, db, photos, videos etc transferred over to the new instance of Dolphin 7.1 and launched. NEAR ZERO DOWN TIME

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