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Dolphin 7.1.4 iDevAffiliate Integration

I am looking for someone to integrate iDevAffiliate with the latest Dolphin 7. iDev have a set of integration instructions for dolphin but they dont work. The issue is: iDev Affiliate receives the order/commission but it places the commission as a "none commissioned sale".


This is because the USER IP is not called from the database abd sent to iDev. (the mysql database saves the users IP, but doesnt send it to iDev script).


Their instructions are for 7.0.1 and higher but I have tried with 7.0.1/9 and current version.


Instructions consist of:

1 - Copy a piece of code to /inc/membership.inc.php

2 - Copy another piece of code to BxDolJoinProcessor.php

3 - Add ID and IP variables to database.

As mentioned I have done all that was required to no avail, the USER IP just isnt being sent to iDev script.


iDevaffiliate Technician as ftpd and checked everything but cannot get the script to integrate?


iDev Techs told me to get a dolphin expert to see why dolphin isnt sending the USER IP.


The IP that is sent in every case of testing was the SERVER IP. This is why the commission is recorder as a none commissioned sale in iDev admin Area.


I am looking for someone to:

1 - Get the integration working using instructions as mentioned (from iDev)

2 - Inform me of the problem that is causing the issue. ie Steps to get it to work.


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