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Dolphin 7 photo/video/sound upload page customization

We have a Art Community website built with the Dolphin 7 software. We already have template customization and pages added. What we need now is customization to the upload pages when members upload image/videos/music/articles.

When a member uploads or adds a photo to the site, they are currently shown fields to enter in the title, description and select a category. We need to add additional fields such as:

1. Artist Name
2. Year Made
3. Medium (multiple choice checkboxes: painting, photo, digital media, ...etc.)
4. Size
5. Consider for exhibit? (checkbox: yes, no)

After these fields are added, they also need to show up on the "View Photo/video/sound/words" page. This is where the details of the photos are shown.  

There are 4 upload pages that needs to be customized with basically the same additional fields. Details will be sent later on. These are:

1. Photos
2. Videos
3. Music
4. Articles/Words

More details are provide on this zipped file:


Thanks for checking this out.

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