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Dripping content

This is something I am wanting to add in the months ahead so thinking 2-3 months out before I would be ready to budget for this...  and thus want to first and from this post know if it is feasible, if it is an enormous undertaking, and a rough estimate of what a project like this might run. I am searching "ball park" and not firm, committed quotes, assuming this is in fact doable. For all I know there may be an existing product in the marketplace which already drips content, but if there is I have not found it in my extended search.


Is there a way to "drip" content to users (whether existing, or development-wise)? Let's say that I use my site as a social marketing site where people exchange ideas and etc on Internet marketing. Further, I create blogs that act as tutorials and have 40 different blogs or articles offering "how to's" or trainings on various topics. However, I want to "drip" said content so that a particular blog post or article comes available day 1 of membership, and the next comes available day 3, and the next 2 or 3 days later a video tutorial comes available, and the next a few days later... and etc.


This helps to retain membership while not extending a "show up and throw up" where the user can join, review as much content as possible, and then cancel. When valuable content can be spread out over a few months, it helps retention. Even "protecting" and dripping specific pages would work, where you could have a specific webpage URL protected and only come available at a specific future date. In fact, a company I currently do business with and paid a good amount of money to/for does this for WordPress sites, individually protecting blog posts, or videos and etc based on the URL while also setting how many days out until you want each piece of content to be available to the member. However, the social aspect is weak, so would like to expand my efforts to social via Dolphin, but need dripped content as a function.





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