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Events Calendar Module Needed

I need an "Events Calendar" that shows the number of events posted on a single day while viewing the "Events Calendar" in "Month Mode". Currently with my "Events Calendar" this already exists. My problem is when I am creating an event, and that event happens to be a (Dance Club) advertising for an entire month, you would see that event be reflected as 1 event per day for that particular month while viewing the calendar in month mode. I only currently have "Date Start & Date End" as a way to create events, and I instead need "Zip Code", "Time Star & Time Ends", as well as "Day of the Week" which allows me to pick each day of the week an event is to be available. For example...If a Dance Club is advertising for the month of April but they are closed on Monday & Wednesdays, I want to click on days of the week Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday  as well as "Time Starts @ 6:00pm & Time Ends @ 2:00am to indicate these are the days and time of the week that this establishment will be open and available. I would also like to, along with Country, State, & City, add "Zip Code" to that selection as well. When someone is looking at the "Events Calendar" on my version, I want it to reflect as a number on the calendar as well as how close that event is to you according to zip code you provide as your home base. I use the "Events calendar" as a tool to promote various events in cities so there will be literally hundreds of selections daily but they need only show on the calendar if they are actually available on that day. If you live in Dallas, Texas and the events are also available on the Calendar in Houston, Texas, the ones in Dallas should appear closet to you because of your Zip Code. If there is a module that is currently available  that best serves me then I would even appreciate that. My website is if you have any further questions. 

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