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Fix errors on my site.

I need these done ASAP, so if you are not able to start on this project right away and complete within hours, do not bid. You must also be available by Skype during the completion of this project. ONLY BID if you are familiar with Boonex Dolphin. Also please read the full description before you bid.

DESCRIPTION: I am using dolphin 7.1.4, with lots of mods installed and I am in what I think is the final stages of getting my site ready to launch. I have several errors that need troubleshooting and corrected.

1) Simple messenger. - Initially this worked on the bottom bar where you could see your friends online, and click on their name and then engage in little chat with them. I am no longer able to initiate the chat from there. I can do it from the profile page with no problem , but not from that bottom bar.
2) When the member logs in,it redirect them to a "not found" page. I want it to redirect to the index.php which is the main page.
3) When a member goes to their profile page, there is an action box there. There is some coding that shows up there that is not active, that needs to be fxies so whatever it is suppose to say and do, it does it and says it or it needs to be removed if it is something that is no longer being used. Sinc eI am not sure what it is, I am not sure which option is correct.
4) I have a mod that I added that redirect unconfirmed members to a certain page. THe mod works fine and redirect them where they are suppose to be, but it does not show the template correctly and it looks all messed up.

There may be a couple of other minor things, but I think that is all. Again, I need this done today. Now, if you bid, please include "I have read the whole thing" in your bid. I do this to eliminate spammer and stock bidders. If you do not include this, no matter how great you may be, your bid will not be considered.

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