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Fixing Modzzz Events Module

I need the Event's update by Modzzz to do three things:

1) Display non-public events on the user's member page so that when they land on their page, any event that might be of interest to them is displayed.  Currently, only "public" events can be displayed on a user's member page which seems odd since by definition the user is signed in and should be able to see "member" events. 

2) Replace the silly city, state, country "events in my area" with geotargeted events such that an event organizer could configure "events in my area" to be something like 30 miles or 50 kilometers, just like the member search system that comes with boonex works.  I use the google geolocation module.

3) Create a simplification of permissions such that a person creating an event doesn't have to specify every detail of permissions.  I want just four options that configure all the details behind the scenes.  The four options would be:

a) public event (non members could see this)

b) member event (only members of the site could see this)

c) friends event (only my friends can see this)

d) private event (only members of the site that are invited can see this)

It is most important that these for options set the privacy settings at event creation time. When the user edits the event is okay if the individual privacy options are displayed.  In a sense what I am looking for is a set of templates for privacy options.

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