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Great idea looking for a great designer


Looking for creative, website designers with exp using dolphin (creating mods, installing mods, and so on).  This website WILL be ready for 2012. The Bids are to design a fully functional site from the ground up. If you feel like not being honest is the way to make money, you need not apply.




·        Must have a example website to show work


·        Must be able to communicate via phone if needed (English)


·        Must be able to work on a timeline


·        Must be willing to do very detailed work


·        Must be willing to brainstorm and think of improvements


·        Must like what you do




·        This is a two part bid for the design of this website.


·        The 1st bid will deal with the structure of the website( log-in/join setup , search engine, profile page, a whole bunch of typing, admin, and general functions of the website).


·        The 2nd part will be design and final revisions (layout, theme, and creative thinking for possible changes,  touch ups, spell check, and final functions check)


·        More details about site upon selection for your bid.


·        For each Bid when done to satisfaction will receive an appreciation bonus ($100 for 1st , $50 2nd )


How biding works:


·        We select 2 to 3 designers based off of websites created


·        We then give these designers our needs for 1st bid in full detail.


·        You name your price and state anything else you would like to note


·        We chose a designer based off of price, design, and how we feel they will fit into our idea


How pay works:


·        Once price and timeline are set you will be given 3 payments (start, midpoint, and final) these will be set by milestones , midpoint being the most.


·        For additional add on such as mods, will be given to you in this manner;  you/we suggest mod, we agree ,we pay you for mod


·        Note: additional mod will need to be installed and properly working. Please consider that when making original bid price, install of additional mods will expected.




If interested in being a part of history simply:


·        inbox me, with a link to website or sites you have designed


·        time that you will be available and can delicate to the design


·        add anything else that you would like to add that would be a benefit to the design



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