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Great opportunity for an expert developer

I'm looking for a experience developer in the following areas of expertise to manage the maintenance and light development of the system. Must have great referals for professional work and ethics, and must show previous work related history with below technologies.


Website: Dolphin by Boonex built using PHP and MySQL.

Server side: Apache, MYSQL, Red5 server, FFMPEG

Mobile App: Native Android SDKs and IOS SDKs


In exchange I will provide shares of stock from the company, (no salary yet) and once I get funded throughout different sources, including I will request a work Visa status for the developer, airplane ticket and a apartment rental paid for three months in the city of Miami with a start up salary. If the developer is a US national citizen, I still will pay for the apartment rental for three months and a start up salary. This person will be a company co-funder and in time will enjoy of many privileges as the company will generating millions in the next two years.

If you are interested, please send me an email to:


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