ericpm123Designmodification, module$500-10000 bids$0 average bid27th of October 2014

Health Heroes - A Social Network for Youth Health Empowerment

The Health Heroes social network will complement a new comic book series that empowers youth to achieve optimal health. This social networking platform will allow youth between the ages of 9 and 13 to connect with children and caring adult experts to explore, share, and learn about health related topics in a fun and engaging way. Think Facebook meets WebMD and the Avengers.

Reference websites can be found at the following urls:

I would like to hire an experienced Boonex developer to customize the Dolphin software package, integrate, and test the following modules:

- Avatar Builder
- YouTube 3.1
- Photo Contests
- Video Contests
- Points & Gifts & Rewards
- Writing Contests
- Tutorials
- Ask the Expert
- Site Tour
- Open Cart
- Recipe Zone
- Banner Ad

The customization work includes the following:

- Adding navigation to the splash screen
- Changing the color scheme of the site to mimic the comic's website
- Enhance the graphics of the website to make it more kid friendly

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