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I am looking for a fantastic search bar!

I want my search bar to give people suggestive/prescriptive searches based on anything on the site. If that can't be done then it would be for the real estate module by property address.  Google offers a custom search bar that is very helpful and grows with data daily.  It does not yet offer the prescriptive text tied to property address's LIKE if I type 123 then the search should start to offer all properties that start with 123 see this search here:  http://www.ocpafl.org/searches/parcelsearch.aspx  see the property address search and type 123 and see what happens.  It just so happens I have the same database of information and want this prescriptive or suggested text.  I have the manta template and it has the search bar there now it would just need modified to do this...

  If interested I will send link to site for you to see please just PM...

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