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important mods needed

this mod is important . to my site i need a mod that will allow members to retrieve a license number after purchasing the licenses from the site .members will be sent the license code to their email on the site. with the image of the license . this mod i for admin only. the license price can be set buy the admin and the member must purchase license one time fee non  refundable in order to their content uplodaed to be copy written on the my server. like ascap..

members can delete there account. we can call it whatever license they will be also issued a card. like boonex card for the license with the number .

like i said members can monitor their content under the license

member must aggree to terms in which it can be for admin to apply.

with the license there contnt upload to the site and to that mod area will be copywritten with a atime stamp of time uploaded with member iformatioon. member can upload 10 items via being a model.sonds wirtten books songs lyrics anything on the site mods old and new members can add there content and it will be safe . but if they do not upload via this method then nothing is safe and it is all on the site server as for fun ( like the site as it is now ) members can also sale their products and under the license my site will earn a 3% commission for hostng the information..


i really need a good mod maker for this prject i will explain more once i get an person who can do this thank you so much.................................


also looking for a beat mod

beat mod will allow members to upload their beat mp3 and wav.  with thumbnail. and price of beat if beat is sold then it will automatically be marked as sold. if a person purchase a beat from a member they can download the beat after purchasing beat both member should recieve emails via site and download link . members must comply to each other for their transactions. in order for saler to get copyrights or the time stamp of work sealer must buy a license. like above. we can calle the abov licenses keyrights. lol cool.......


this mod is a serious need i need it for 7.9 and willing to pay im putting the bid as open and i am looking for both mods please message me you guys are great progammers i need a programmer with one on one communication to make this mod a success. also with these mod i need a way that programmer can reciece a commission from salers as well 1% to always be paid via my site for creating such a master pieice for a  life time

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