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Invitation to Tender - Development of a Search module



Start + Up of 2 people is looking for a Dolphin developer to write/build a module for Advanced Search.

A search module using a dozen of extra DB tables (provided)

This mandate is important. It might well be a several weeks span job.


Being myself a computer engineer, I will be able to monitor and validate your development.


With your expertise of Dolphin, my role will be primarily, at least at first, a tester and reviewer.


Today, the design is purely theoretical and is available as a Conceptual Data Model;

Almost complete CDM carried out by another engineer with unknown (MS?) tools. (Partial UML notation as depicted in attachment). 


The data to be inserted in the DB are in progress/completion/validation. Partial lists are already available to quickly switch to "realistic testing" mode. 


Topic / Activity: Botany 

Search properties and characteristics of medicinal plants. FULL-TEXT Search in descriptions + search by keywords. eg Latin name, plant family, toxic or therapeutic effects, etc ... 



To be able to search into a database of botany.

The module/extension should allow to search directly from the website powered by the Dolphin platform.

A list of keywords (filled in by site administrators) will be used when displaying search results. Idea: if a keyword is present in the text of the research results, a link will be created "on the fly" around this keyword to encourage the user to click on the keyword present in the results of his research. This list of keywords with their respective links must be editable at any time from the back office/administration 

Bonus / Extra: Ability to save searches made by users (ie simply store into the DB or in a flatt file texts / gross words as sought after) in order to get an idea of what interests them, and probably thereafter adjust / improve that search module. 


Use Cases

  • All public user (ie registered or anonymous) must be able to search
  • Displaying of research results :: 
    • Extensive/FULL results for registered users
    • Partial display for NOT registered/connected/identified users 
    • In that case, a Message prompting to log in or register with all the usual blabla/Upsale/copywriting to encourage the user to register on the platform 
    • Bonus / Extra: Ability to edit / modify this HTML message from the backoffice 


These are general guidelines. 

When you feel interests for this mandate, other information to help you establish your quotes are available. 


Kind Regards 

Emmanuel Simond 

Tel. +41 79 546 36 68 



P.S. This mandate is important, it is a substantial work over several weeks of your schedule. 


P.P.S. The 'extract' from the CDM below is provided for information purposes. Fortunaltely, Searches are not likely to be conducted on all these tables Wink

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