csampson1Designdesign$300-5001 bids$400 average bid30th of October 2011

Large Real Estate DataBase Feed

I am looking for a page to display real time information about each zip code some 820 on said page.   The information is available from a sql database.

100 ZipCodes per page and define each as the following:  If the page is called it will bring down the data as pulled from the database.......As if it is a search called to provide the following...............


Zip Code                           Total     High Price      Medium Price   Low Price   Average Price   Total Amount Available

34786 Windermere FL   824      $5,000,000     $2,000,000       $125,000    $650,000           $64,000,000

Last Sale                                                                 Price                Sale Date     Price Per Sq.Ft.

123 Easy Street Windermere, FL 34786           $1,250,000    10/30/2011   $236.00

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