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Looking for a job portal template with full functions

Hi, I am planning to build one job portal website with Dolphin software,and I like your job modules. I need to build a website with the functions and features like My planned site will focus on the Chinese employers/schools to post jobs of teaching English in China, and international seekers(teachers) to apply for the teaching jobs. The website will be only focusing on Chinese job market.

The website should have any template/modules with full functions for both posting jobs by the employers and submiting the resumes by the job seekers with the features of browsing jobs by regions/Chinese provinces. and browing job listings by categories such as educational grades/schooling levels i.e. kindergarten, primary school,middle school, high school,college,universities etc.


The website should be reponsive compatible with and matching all devices. Do you use skype?  I wish to discuss further by skype with you if possible. This is urgent. 

My email:
Skype: sinoteach 


Thanks a lot.

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