alex808Integrationmods, extensions, templates$300-5000 bids$0 average bid14th of January 2019

Looking for easy to integrate mods for a psychic site

My budget is only $500 (staggered)so it doesn't have to be exclusive. But I am looking for a mod or extension or whatever you call it, for a psychic website. 


It's pretty much like oranum but I want a credit system for the call/video and chat. The RMS will be a separate buy but I need a live video module, live call and chat and credit system for the pre-paid tarot card service. 


Then point system for the referrals for either client or experts then, reward points too for the purchase of credits for the clients. 


The registration module, profile creation and separation for the experts and clients (with categories) and creation of the credits and point system and rewards.


and a customized template. 


I don't always visit here, so give me a few days. 

No bids so far.
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