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Looking For Someone to help with CSS Color Changes & Header Images

I too am looking for someone that can assist with editing aspects of my Dolphin 7.1.   Not editing core file, but editing options within the File Directory & CSS files.  (Backgrounds, colors, images etc.).


  1. I am needing to change the Background Color of the HomePage & all other pages.  Possibly 2-4 similar colors.  I will provide color codes or images if necessary.  I prefer actual color codes.
  2. I need help in resizing the header image on the homepage.  The current "Re-size Option" in the Admin panel does not make any changes when utilized.
  3. I need someone to show me where the "Pages Content" is within the Admin Panel.  (NOT the Cpanel).  I have tried numerous times to find the "About Us" editing page within Admin and can not find ANYTHING anywhere that will actually apply the content changes.  I am wanting to find SPECIFIC  (Not general) Step-By-Step instructions on how to change the content for the following pages....  
  • About Us
  • Advice
  • FAQ's
  • Terms of USe
  • Privacy Policy
  • Chat Room "Rules"



For NON racist reasons, I prefer to hire someone INSIDE the US States.  Simply because if something is lost, screwed up, maliciously attacked or ideas stolen etc, etc...  I have some kind of legal recourse.  Additionally, I would like to be able to be on the phone with this person when the changes are being made.  I want to approve everything as it's being performed.


It's not necessary, but I am more the type that prefers that someone teaches me how to do something, rather than having someone always doing it for me.  -  I can pay either way however.


Work could be on an ongoing basis dependent on your knowledge and capabilities.  - I am ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions.   I like to be constantly adding new things to my websites, making them more & more feature rich as they grow.  I would eventually even like to incorporate CUSTOM Mods and features..  But that will not be part of this initial job.  I mention it, because I prefer to hire one person that is capable of doing EVERYTHING, so that I can develop an ongoing business relationship with the person doing the work.


I am ready to begin work IMMEDIATELY!

I would like to have some sort of reference of your work, whether it be a live person or a visual example.

Please email me at:  ksmcintyre74@gmail.com

I am on EST Time zone (Indiana) so I will respond accordingly


I hope to hear from someone VERY Soon!

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