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Membership level module (JOB DONE) thank you

I need a module that will allow the members to deny or grant access to their profile. Example.

I want the member to have a block in their profile, using a check box to select the membership level they want to allow to view their profile.


Right now, we use 3 different membership levels.

1) Standard

2) Certified members

3) Operators.

We want to add a new level witch would be  single men....

4) Single men

This will really cause a commotion on my site since it's for couples and single women. But some couples ask for single men. Here's the tricky part. We already have over 250 members. When I start allowing (level 4) all existing and new members MUST, by default, not allow the single men to visit their profile. The module must be controlled by the member himself.  They will need to add in the check box the new 4)single men membership level to view their profile. If they do not check this box, single men will not be able to view their profile.

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