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Membership Levels Not Saving

When I go to the members list via the admin panel, and attempt to switch there membership level nothing happens....

This is the response I was given from hosting provider who claims "full management" of dolphin scripts... A**holes!


Thank you for your patience up to now. 

I have successfully recreated the issue you have reported, however I am unable to identify the cause of it. I have cleared all of the application caches and I have searched for any related topics in the boonex forum and entirely over the web. I believe that the issue should be resolved if we upgrade your application to its latest stable version - 7.1.4 due to the fact that many users are complaining for issues with the profile pages. 

Another possible reason for such issues might be the version of the PHP service due to the fact that back on the shared hosting environment your account was using a 5.3 version of the service and currently your Dedicated Server has the 5.2 version. However sine Dolphin is compatible with 5.2 I believe that this should not affect that much your application except of course if you have some 3rd party module which is related to the edit of the profiles and uses specifically PHP version 5.3. 

If you choose for your application to be updated to version 7.1.4, please make sure that all of the custom modules and especially your template are compatible with 7.1.4 version of the application. Once you confirm the compatibility of your modules and template please update this ticket with confirmation and we will gladly update the application for you. 

If you prefer to stay with this version I am afraid that you should search for assistance on that matter either over the web or contacting a Boonex Dolphin Specialist who will be able to identify the issue and provide you with further information and possible solution. 

We are looking forward to your reply. 

Kind regards, 

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