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Missions Mod

I am launching a collaborative marketing community which will include offering members the chance to complete missions to earn points which they will then exchange for marketing services.  

The missions will be created by admin only.  

There is a WP plugin called Collabpress that has some of the functionality I'm looking for 

I want to be able to allow missions to be done by all or I want to be able to assign the missions to certain members.  

If I assign missions to certain members I want the mission to appear on their profile and a message sent to their inboxes.

I will need to have a missions tab on the site menu and the mod will need to incorporate points or be compatible with the points mod.  

I will need the ability to add media to the description box of the mission(video, images etc)

I will need to be able to add an image next to the description box.  

I need the ability to search missions by location(zip search).  

Empire Avenue has a missions feature and you might gain some functionality ideas from that but they also allow the whole community to create missions and the missions are boring and repetitive and just plain suck and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

I think that's it if you have any questions get back to me and I'll try to clarify if you can think of any other functionality that you could add to make it better please feel free to discuss it with me.

Thanks for your time! 

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