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mod discription i need

          unfortunately im way past my budget,, i have already been through 3 programmers ,that got me about 3k the first time an 2k the second guy ,finally after the new version install(more cost) crashed then paid for reinstalled on different deticated server , my pockets are empty an i almost have my website structure an idea where i want i to be an you tell me the boonex version is a waist of time. ug.,,,,,,well i have to at least try. examining what i currently have ,an me knowingly that some of my goal can be met if i can can figure out a way to somehow fuse my current website localhustle.com with a slightly modified boonex store/sound mod with what i think is the missing element to make my website project a success. i need a mod, here is the description .....

1.combination store/sound mod,

   A. (goal of mod)

                 B.      designed to sell wav.an mp3


                     A .CAN BE FOUND AT '' BEATWEBSITES.COM""

                       B. this mod will give a choice of a wav. file uploader or mp3

2.      my website 

             localhustle.com A. this mod must work via boonex

3.      if the store an classifieds mod in boonex are fairly priced that i somewhat can afford,and the beatwebsites software is only 199,,,,

4.      there has to be a provider programmer out there that can inexpensively help me find a solution to my mod issue that i can afford


  who can build this mod?

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