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Modify Youtube Video Zone

I need an expert to Modify Mods of Youtube Video Zone.



I am facing with some problems since i have purchased it, the module not working.


-posted videos have been removed automatically after 2 to 10 hours or half day 


-Every video post has some codes:

 "; NFW.document.write(frameString) NFW.document.close() } else {,"popFrameless","scrollbars,"+s) NFW.blur() window.focus() NFW.resizeTo(windowW3,windowH3) NFW.moveTo(windowX,windowY) } NFW.focus() if (autoclos…


-Thumb: the video  which is  shared on other sites through our site (Video Zone) does not show its thumb. Briefly the thumb is not related to particular video.


Please send me private message 


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