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Monthly photo/video contest module needed

Hello. We are looking to have a module created that will allow us to hold monthly photo/video contests on our site.

The homepage of the module should include a block for the current monthly theme. This block should include a space to upload an image of the current theme, text to describe the theme as well as the requirements for the theme. It should also include an up to date count of the amount of submissions. This number should be a link that users can click to see the current submissions.

There should a block that will have the rules and guidelines for the contest. This can simply be an html box.

Another block will have the current theme tag as well as a button to upload pics/videos.

Another block will have past themes (in order) which will include the image used for that month's theme. It will also include the total number of submissions which will also be a clickable link which will allow the users to see all of the past submissions. The bottom of this block should include a link that will take the user to a page displaying all of the past contests

There will be winners in 3 different categories for each contest, male, female and couples. The winner will be chosen by votes by other members and each member should be limited to only 1 vote.

You can see what we want by visiting http://www.zoig.com/themes/
Please note, this is adult content and you have to join the site to actually be able to see the content. You don't have to have a paid membership.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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