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Mouse Hover Pop Up Window - Please Help

I am looking for someone to help me solve a problem. I have been working on building a "splash" style page before my Dolphin website, I would like to find some one who is able to help me learn. Maybe do an example on my page and I will follow what you've done to do the rest? :) What I am looking for exactly:

  1. I have a menu along the side of my page, I would like to have it so when hovering over these links a "pop up" window appears to the right side of it and shows a scroll content area where I can put a "preview" of content inside that link.
  2. I can make images change to another image using mouse over css codes, I am wondering how to make images appear in a larger window when moused over.
  3. I would like to be have a "button" where members can submit files (pictures, videos mp3s) These files should go to a directroy inside the server but NOT appear anywhere in the website itself until I use them.

I think that's about it for now :) Please reply with how much you would charge me to help me learn how to do these things. Either one or all would be great :) I have listed them in the priority they are to me. Thank you.




Thank you.

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