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Multi Seller(Vendor) Marketplace Needed

I'm looking for someone to make me a Marketplace where my users can sell items. It must have the following:

1.  Each user receives payment for items they have sold to their own PayPal account.

2.  Sales Reports, each seller can view a report of items sold etc, Admin also has access to this.

3.  Buy now and Auction system, seller can choose either buy now or auction or both.

4.  reserve prices

5.  Marketplace Homepage to include the following:

·         Featured Items

·         Latest Items

·         Ending soonest

·         Category’s

·         Search

·         My watch list

·         Add item button, My Marketplace button and marketplace Home button.

6.     Product view page to include:

·         Photos

·         Description

·         Price with bid and buy now buttons

·         Watch Item

·         Seller panel with the following

1.     Seller name

2.     Seller score

3.     Link to sellers profile

4.     Link to sellers other items

5.     Contact seller link

6.     Report item link

·         Share item links(including Twitter, PayPal and Google+)

·         Postage (This will be a simple text box that the seller puts how he will ship the item)

7.     Ability to limit amount of ads per user type, so normal members can post 50 items and sponsors can place 100 etc. editable in the same place ads are now.

8.     Ability to charge to make an item featured.

9.     Blocks to be added to users profile

·         Items for sale

·         Feedback score

·         Last 2 feedback with a link to a feedback page listing all feedback

10.   My Marketplace should have the following:

·         Items for sale

·         Items bidding on/ Bought

·         Watch list

·         Once payment is complete user can leave feedback.

·         User can flag a problem with any transaction in the bidding on/bought section

11.   Emails should be sent when a user receives a bid on their item or someone buys it as well as showing up in the notifications.

12.   Admin can set multiple emails to receive information regarding disputes/reported items

13.   In the admin panel admins can add moderators who can do the follow:

·         Remove an item

·         Warn a seller

·         Edit an advert

So basicly I want my own Ebay on my site.

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