ecroskeyModificationcustom, modification, module$50-1000 bids$0 average bid14th of April 2014

Need a clickable graphic with a counter attached, per post, photo, etc.

Okay, I would like a "Ring It" counter button created. I have attached images for you to see what I am looking for. 

This will function as an "upvote" on posts created by users. It will appear on everything. I am guessing that someone can use the existing +/- code to model this from, however I do not know.

The button should appear on the timeline and the outline. It will function just like the Facebook "Like" that they have on their site, however this is only specific to my site. It has NOTHING to do with Facebook likes. This is only a visual counter of people stating the approve of content on my site.

The job pays $100, paid to your PayPal, whatever. I need this done as quickly as you can. You own the code afterward. Repackage and sell as an addon.




Please ask any questions. Thank you. Email me freely at You must build this on your own system. I cannot risk losing my site due to someone playing around. If you are not qualified to create this, please don't respond. You must show me the addition working  on your system before implementing on mine.

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