playtogetherFixingcustom$300-5000 bids$0 average bid26th of April 2013

Need minor fixes to launch new dolphin website

We need a developer to finish up some minor customizations, test and fix bugs so we can launch our new site.

Here is a list of what we need specifically:

- need to ensure new user who want free access can start using website right away and bypass membership purchase section

- those who purchase the premium memberships have immediate access to the premium areas

- We need a custom "my account" button on every page that brings the user back to their account

- We need minor label changes to some tabs and wording in 1 drop down list

- we need content that enter in 4 custom fields that we have on the sign up form to be displayed in the description field on the profiles

- We need the custom forms that we have on the sign up page to be the same as in the edit profile page

- There are some profiles that are attached to a specific category that need to appear in the search results when their category is selected

- Our video player is playing double for some reason


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