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New Mod

I need a new mod. Can you write it?

I need to create a video interview that looks like this: 
  1 The author creates a description of the survey questionnaire and some questions (typing) 
2 Sets the timing of the response to the question (the delay time before the advent of the next issue) 
3 The man who runs the survey see description poll (as in a normal fashion group) website and the control buttons - 2 large buttons (Reset the camcorder and start passing the survey) 
4 Adjust your camera and clicks on the start 
He turns 5 (delayed timings) "pop up" questions to which he responds to the camera. 
6 occurs at the end of the survey car preservation dialogue. 
7 Result of poll is available on the profile of the survey was conducted, about in the survey (all the survey was conducted as a string reference with the name and date of the survey was conducted) 
8 If you see the results the survey, it should be visible to questions that are answered by the respondent (can be in the form of text on a video?, Or as something else?) 
9 Interviewed and author of the survey should be able to remove the "bad" poll. 
10 When the survey you can see that view and huskies. 
Such events can be created?


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