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New video module (live streaming)

Good afternoon!

We need one module, but we couldn't find anything like this in market. And by the way, it fully like module video!

General conception.

After installing we see links in the main menu in the top and in the bottom menu (when we click on plus we can see "add photo", "add video".. etc and our new link "live streaming").

After it as general we see the window where we can add our streaming (albums or new album). Ok. We create for ex. new album and named it "My live videos". After it (like in the module "video"), we see select what we want to stream. In php select is only 2 links: web camera and ip camera.

I try to describe it as full as possible!

1) We select "IP Camera"

It's very simple moment!

we can see 5 inputs:

  1. Brand of camera (select) - Axis, Panasonic, Sony..
  2. IP of camera (input)
  3. login
  4. password
  5. Name of streaming

It's all! When we enter all fields (exept for ex. login password it's not required), php function create in the user folder (/livestreaming/recording/user1/ file like this "". title is name of the file, and ext.= live. It's easy! And in this file the data from the form is place. For ex. rtsp://$IP/$brandofcamera . I include $brandofcamera because it can replace by brand of the camera (Axis, Sony, etc.). Ok, file is created and in the album where we add this stream we can see preview of just screenshot of the live video. And when we click on the this screenshot in the album, on new page flash media player is placed and stream this video. Code of the player is simple and only source is replacing. Of course, later user can delete this stream from album (php function is only delete those file from user folder!).

Good! It's the first part of module. And now second.

2) We select "Web Camera".

It's very simple flash player. It has buttons: fullscreen, stream(stop stream), record(stop record), and see archive videos. That's all!

I try to describe it. Fullsreen is simple.

Button stream. ok. When the user see this player he see video from his web camera (our maybe other source from his pc). When the user click on the button stream flash player send this stream like file on the media server. For ex. rtmp://ipofserver/live/

The easy example you can see here ==> SHOW

You can get framework Strobe player ==> SHOW

And it can be build in 30 minutes!

Ok, when the user click in player on stop button, this link is delete from server and it's not stream. Record is like record in the recorder in module Video. Video is record in the user's folder on the server. And of course, in archive user can see all his records.

I think it's all!

In the end, i want to say that I realize this in php code and created flash player that can stream it. But I don't understand dolphin system and oop on need level. 

On all the way I can help the developer with problems in intergration.

I hope that someone help me with it. Because it need to start before May 5.

Waiting for an answer!


With the best regards, Sergey.



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