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Orca Forum- how to add new block to page builder or...

I've had this issue on the forums for a while and really could do with resolving it as its preventing my community page from being launched.

Is there a way to add your own custom block in the page builder set up? I want to have the forum home as the main block on the front page but currently I can only add the recent forums block which seems to have an issue linking to the actual forums.

What am I missing here?

I should add that the link to the site is here:

If I can get the links to work from this then I would be happy enough. Not sure why they are not working as the others from the top menu are.

How can you create a special block in the Page Builder that you can incorporate in a page layout?

How can I set the Forum Home as the start page on the forums rather than the recent forums block?

I noticed something which I think may be relevant.
The link which is not found when clicking on the topics which currently appear on the front page of the forums is:

The link for the actual page which the topic heafdins should link to is:

Is this hash the significant item which needs to be added or removed? What does it indicate?

Is there anyone out there that can assist me with this at all. I'm getting quite desperate.
I'm sure it is quite a straightforward issue but just beyond the scope of my understanding, until someone can enlighten me.


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