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Pay Per View/Video on Demand module

I am in need of a video on demand module that would allow members to stream a video after purchasing a lease or rental for it.

Ideally, the ability to watch the video will expire 24 hours after purchased (it would be valuable to be able to define this duration on a per video basis. For example, member could purchase a "permanent" license to view the video, which would never expire, or for a lesser cost be able to "rent" the rights to view the video within 24 hours of purchase.

For my purpose, I do not wish to give my members rights to be able upload their own media for sale, this ability would be needed on the administrative backend only. I could see how a member driven library could prove beneficial to other sites however, if this module were to be sold on the market.

I am in the initial planning phase of this module and researching return on investment. Please respond with a reasonable rate and how many hours you believe the actual development would take

Discussion here: (wont let me add this in the job details)

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