richmanflModificationmodification, profile, couplesOpen budget1 bids$300 average bid29th of April 2011

Profile Details re-design

I would like to find a person who can take the member's profile and redesign for a tabbed interface.


Right now the site adds a block called General Info with a long vertical block containing all the fields.

I would like to have a module which picks up the Headings of each part of the Fields Builder, and creates a tab and then displays the fields under it which are designated in the field builder.

Also, when a couples' profile is displayed, the fields should be aligned side by side in the following manner  on the same tab:


SEX (member 1)                   SEX (member2)

FIRST_NAME                         FIRST_NAME

AGE                                      AGE


This should be shown in this format on the PROFILE EDIT page to the member as well as the publicly displayed profile within the General Information block.




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