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Re Occuring Events & Featured Events / Listings * Maybe even Check-In features

The title says it all..i know on his ue party portal site, he has a feature that allows event creators to make it Re Occuring which is AMAZING..unfortunatley he is VERY busy lately and hasnt had the time to take of this for me...


::  for ue30's Events and Locations Module ::


I want my site to come out with all available features, and many of the competing nightlife sites have this, but even some major ones dont, and i think this is awesome advantage


Also, I notice Modzzz has Paid Featured Listings, Events...I'd LOVE to incorporate that into Chris( ue30's ) Module


He uses the SAME Format as standard Boonex Events Module*


Now Last and I know this might be really hard, but I'd like a Check -In feature that can be view anywhere...not only a Join feature, but now a Check In Feature allow users to track where others are when they arrive to various locations

I f anyone Can / Knows how to do ANY of  these, feel free to message me ASAP 


with details of which you feel you can accomplish if not ALL


Thank You


John Joseph

Splurgin Inc.

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