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Referrer "Breadcrumbs"

I'd like to have a more robust, more secure referral system.  I'd like to have referral signup links with random strings which are tied in the database to the referring member.  When the referral signs up, the new account will forever have the referring member associated, so that a path can always be traced from referred to referrer, all the way up the membership chain to me, the site admin.  Basically, I want a "word-of-mouth" only site.


When a member's profile is visited, I want a block which shows the referrer "breadcrumbs".  For example, visiting Asha's profile might show: "Site_Admin's_Name > John > Hector > Asha".  Of course, I'd like everything to be fully integrated into the latest downloadable version of Dolphin as a module; blocks, language settings, ability to enable-disable, etc.


Thanks for all responses...



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