billmondeiModificationmodification, design, custom$100-3000 bids$0 average bid20th of April 2013

Sliding bar with buttons

I need to implement a bar that would contain the following buttons:

G+ and FB connect (both Deano's modules, only put the existing code in the bar), email registration button and a Youtube button.

The bar would slide up from the bottom of the screen upon page loading.

The Email button would trigger a registration process inside a balloon/js popup where the user will enter his email and press "ok".

The YouTube link would trigger playing a given YouTube video in a lightbox style (screen grays out, video player appears in the center).
The bar will remain at the bottom of the page even if the page is being scrolled up/down (like the user's menu).

The intent is to use the sliding bar inside an html block or inside a banner - so that I would be able to easily to put it on any Dolphin page I want. 

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