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The UpBeet Kitchen / Boonex

The Up Beet kitchen is a website which teaches users how to prepare and cook meals.  We are currently in development and would like someone who has experience as a lead full-stack developer / SCRUM master and can commit 30+ hours a week to the project.  Background Needed:

- Ability to commit 30+ hrs / week
- In-depth knowledge of Boonex Dolphin Framework, PHP, HTML and Linux environment
- Experience leading a group of developers who are in different remote locations
- Good communication and reporting abilities (English Fluency is required)
- Ability to review other developers work and give constructive feedback
- A positive attitude and drive to produce an outstanding product

-We currently use and if interested can give you access to our backlog and dev site to see where we are currently

A typical week would start with a review of the current items in our project management software, coding with the team, meeting for a quick stand up (skype stand up or e-mail if there is no convenient time for everyone).  Each week a code review using code climate as well as a review of the commits from the week.  At the end of the week, presenting what the team has accomplished so it can be accepted by the Product Owner.

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