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transform look and feel of my site

I am looking for someone who will do some custom work for me......

I will try to explain it in detail.

I like boonex but I like the look and feel of social engine.  I would like you to give my boonex site the look and feel of social engine.

Go to http://demo.socialengine.com/admin/auth/login  From there log in

In admin panel click on LAYOUT EDITOR under the tab LAYOUT

to the right you will see available blocks. the second one down is TAB CONTAINER

this is what i want.  using this module you can make the profiles look like this


Notice under the name Edgar Robinson you have Updates, Info, Abums, Blogs, Events, Groups, More

that part is created using the Tab Container.  You simply put the module blocks inside the tab container you wish. Then if someone clicks on that tab everything you placed shows up there.  For example I could have one tab that i name About me - I could put the description, age, likes, dislikes, looking for, and other modules in there.  Another tab could say MY Stuf - I could put the modules My Photos, My videos, My music, My video battels all in that one or anything else i wanted to.

I would like to be able to use this module on any page I wished.  Also to be able to name any tab anything I  wished to name it.

This will allow to add a lot of information in any profile and still keep it looking sleek and smooth.

Also on profiles to make the top look like this http://www.filipinocupid.com/en/profile/showProfile/ID/3791880

I am talking about the photo (which I would like to make a little bigger but not much) and the information to the left of it to be placed there.  but I want it to have the look and feel of this website www.sdc.com


Password: 088946451

No I am not creating a porn site or adult site.  I have just searched thousands of websites and found thins i like best in each of them.





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