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Trello Module or integration

Need to implement something in Dolphin like trello.com or similar.

Either as its own module, or as an integration 


If its an integration, then would need the following

shared login

responsive iframe / display within Dolphin.

I dont think the notifications or user actions would need to be integrated as these can still be notified via trello


In dolphin 'trello' area, would need a way so that a profile has its own 'trello' tab which would display iframe of their own trello account.

This way, they would be able to switch between trello boards that they are active on or invited to within the trello page of dolphin.


Or... a standalone module like trello just for dolphin.

Would need the following

click n drag re-arranging of boards etc as with trello

invite users via dolphin to view, edit boards

standard features when creating a board, text area, media embed, photo, url links etc... change colour of boards, invite members


No set budget or time frame, but if it can be done well pay would reflect.


Discussion forum link

(the link 'link' in job listing does not work!)


No bids so far.
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