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Video conference

I am looking for a programmer who can help me, I am a teacher and I need a videoconference module that allows multi-user without limitations, with audio and video, however this module should allow besides sharing the cam, can also permit sharing the members display computer, not only for admin but also for members. When the member enter this videoconference, they receive a message offering share your audioand video and if he selects allowing audio and video, these devices are already automatically released and not how it works in dolphin chat that members have to release the camera from the other members who are chatting. the device to share the display of members could be placed a button for selection for the member to enable sharing of your display and your cam, would be minimized in a top or bottom of the display when the dysplay was showing, this module could be configured to operate via RMS or any other option since there are not errors for members to hear and see other members when they are speaking, I'm having such difficulties with the dolphin chat system. If any developer is interested in working on this project please contact me by email.imacaws@gmail.com, the address of my dolphin site is in version 7.2.1 and the address of my site is imacaws.org

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