Steve The ExploiterModificationmodification$100-3000 bids$0 average bid8th of February 2014

Wall module for groups - Dolphin 7.0.9

This needs to have it's own database.  I do not want group activity mixed in with the site.

I have modified the groups so that members can comment on any media and that must be included on the wall; comments on the wall, must be associated with the media in the group.

So the comment system for the groups wall needs to incorporate the comments for that particular group.

No need to have a post block either.  This wall will be for activity only.  The groups have enough notification areas, if they need to "get the word out" the group admins have a way to do that.

When I go to the group module, that module's wall database will hold all the entries.

I will leave the stock alerts for when someone uploads a photo to a group, it's placed in default wall, but, it also needs to be placed in that groups wall as well.


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