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Wanted Expert Boonex Developers

Looking for Boonex Developers for a custom site using Boonex Dolphin, who are experts in one or more aspects of Boonex Dolphin and/or have published features, templates, mods and/or have done customizations for Boonex Dolphin.


Candidates must be self motivated, diligent, organized and capable of working on a team with other experts to integrate their work into a harmonious ensemble toward the common goal of making a highly competitive and growth orientated public and multilingual, social media platform.


This offer includes stock options in the Start Up, backing it, where the BoD assigns top developers to judge the work of each developer, and designate the remuneration both on the number of hours spent on their assignments and on the quality of the work in offering an effective and efficient solution to the problems to be solved.


If you are interested contact me on Boonex.

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