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Working with SpyWall

I need a small enhancement to my SpyWall. I am running SpyWall on D7.0.6. Right now, only when a member logs in get to see it, but I want to make it public, everyone should see it wether you are loged in or not.  But if he/she wants to add Status/Photos/Videos, they will need to login.


I also want anyone who post status/photo/video - in turn, it will be displayed automatically on SpyWall on the front page for everyone to see regardless if this person has friends or not. Basically, I want to make SpyWall wide open for everyone to see, the only requirement that is needed is that he/she must login before they post status/photo/video

If you are familiar with SpyWall and you are confident you can take care of these tasks, please let me know.


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