A couple of suggestions for next update of Dolphin

tango3d posted 8th of November 2008 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

1. There seems to be no way to feature or un-feature members on a global or semi global basis in the admin panel. you need to got to that members details and feature or un- feature from there one at a time.  The reason I found this is because after upgrading from 6.0005 to 6.14, all my members suddenly became featured. the only way I could correct this was to edit the databse. So... if there were an option to do this in admin panel it would save a lot of time and effort.


2. If using 2 rows for the main navigation menu, and the top row has sub menu's in the dropdown (hidden) menu. users cannot click the items in the dropdown menu from the top nav bar because the drop down menu will dissapear when mouse is moved down the page. therefore it would be good to have some sort of delay.. say 2 or 3 seconds before the menu collapses again.


3. It would be beneficial to be able to set meta description and keywords for individual pages of your site in the admin panel rather than having global description this would help the search engines to index your pages.


4. I dont know if this one is a bug or an error with my site but if I change page width and blocks width in page builders menu, it resets my promo flash images to the default images which came with 6.14

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