Activating im Messenger. Can not find a block

jboyte posted 15th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 0 comments.
Installed and setup dolphin 6.1.1 ad-free  Ray 3.5.1 ad-free
Got Dolphin ad-free licenses ... Registered dolphin ... worked fine
Got Messenger ad-free licenses ... Entered into Ray Widgets in dolphin just fine.
In Ray-Widgets base setting I checked use Ray.
Using RMS service for Cyberxing
Under the advanced settings I check Enable Ray
Under advance setting I tried ENABLE RAY PRO both enable and unenables.
Could not find a block in page builder for Messenger.

Changed _Shoutbox block to _Messenger ... Looks like it starts to load messenger and then reports :
WIDGET not Registered. 

What should I do?
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