Aha - something I CAN advise on!

Mike posted 4th of May 2010 in . 0 comments.

A recent forum post about invoices caught my eye, and I answered it. Companies, tax authorities and others do need invoices sometimes and Boonex does provide this on request. Simply contact your agent with any details that might need to be shown on the form and they will incorporate this for you.

For example - I use a simple form that shows the relevant data and send it as an email attachment along with a copy of the transaction ID for the purchase (if available). No complaints so far, but be sure to get any special info to your agent (like tax ID numbers, company name, address  etc.) so that they are able to include that and help out.

There are many transactions taking place all the time, and invoicing all would truly be a huge chore. But if you need that we are happy to help. If all info is available to work with - it need only be a one email transaction and you are done!

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