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Have any of you looked at the online schools software Moodle?  This is one fabu script.  What impresses me is the way they upgrade and handle bugs and functions.  There is a new version available every week.  That sounds like a horrible thing, how to ever keep up?  BUT! 


They do daily up-snuffing of the software based on user reports. Check this clip from the download page.. 


 ".. The 1.9 stable branch is continually being improved with new bug fixes since the last release (but not new features). Just before this package is created each week, we conduct a weekly code review of each new fix to help us find any new problems they may have caused (regressions). Here is the list of all the bugs fixed since the 1.9 release (with detailed changes in the Changes file). Please help us by reporting bugs (and solutions if you can ..."


[I am not an affiliate, I just can't seem to clean the text paste of the link info, sorry. Stick with me here, the topic isn't about their software, promise!]


They don't hold tweaks and bug-fixes back until the next release.  New releases are secondary to stabalizing the existing release. I've sifted thru the support links and forums and don't see the upset buyers and desparate cries for support.  Moodle customers seem to be only stopping by to pick up tid-bits and go back to thier high-functioning sites and build their bisinesses.  Damn. That could be me.


(Don't get me wrong, Dolphin isn't unsual in this, most software has more unhappies posting than cheerleaders, that's just how business works. Disgruntleds are always more vocal, albeit with good reason.)


 My point is not to trash Dolphin, but to look at stable and dependable vs hot and trendy, and how my own mind-set has affected MY business model.   I sure like the business model they have going on at Moodle.  I think I'm going to adopt this mind-set in my own site.


I've been focusing on making my upgrade my dream site. I want to tweak and massage Dolphin (and my Invision board and University software and store, etc) to do my stuff MY way, and I think I'm not doing my customers any favors.  I've finally realized they don't CARE if the upgrade looks like my old setup, they care if it works.  They probably don't care if we call our events "Gathers" or "Events" and my hinking with the code to customise it is only delaying the new functionality. They don't care (or even notice?) if the ajax login matches my color-scheme, they just want to log in.


In reality, it's only my pride that makes me need to hide all references to dolphin and give it all my brand flavor.  I don't suppose they care which software runs MySpace or Facebook, why should they care if I use a package or hand-coded every line myself?  That's only important to we geeks. 


 I think I skrewed up the Events and Calendar functions trying to remove the references to "Speed Dating".  What the hell for.  Is it a crime to call matching within dating community speed dating?  Naw.  My customers probably won't leave the site in droves because of those two words.  Just so long as their RSVP to happy hour is mailed and they get thier info, they'll be there. 


 Anyone out there want to help me reset Events stuff to the Dolphin defaults so I can get on the road with something that isn't custom, but is functional? Beep me, I'm friendly, even if I do talk too much. :: grins ::



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