CMS Plus .. or Is she ever satisfied?

ladybugn posted 25th of February 2009 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

Welp, now I've done it. I found an additional CMs to add to my Dolphin setup, and I think it's really going to be cool beans.  Of course, in doing that, I've opened myself up to the whole integration can of worms.


I've decided to take my social networking portions of dolphin and keep it members shared content only.  But then on top of that, a news and info area that is site content. Vivvo CMS that excels in newsfeed, its the same stuff USNews and World report uses, so it's mass robust.  (not much chance my wee community will ever stress the sides of ANY CMS though)


Just looking at you can see how close the fit is to the Dolphin look and feel, so very little editing to make them look like family. I like that this cms also has an Invision Board plug in, and I've kept my old IPB because.. oh, I don't know, I am a loyal consumer.


Anyway,  with IPB plugged into Vivvo, and IPB user database plugged into Dolphin, I kind of almost have a unified log in.  Will need some help with coding a post-back or whatever it would be called so that one log in will log user into the dolphin system at the same time, but that's probably marginal work for some php guru.


I should write Boonex and see if they might consider working a Dophin plug in for Vivvo?  Would that not be cool for 7.0. 

What I have right now is.. user comes to the news interface, registers, and that is ported directly to IPB.  IPB was already set up to verify users against the Dolphin user database, so the only thing left is for the user to fill out the extended profile data when logging into the Dolphin area.

My next big job is to put back the standard Dolphin menu bar (yes, I removed it and placed one use by SSI Include in the banner manager) and sniggle with a couple of skin issues to make IPB, Dolphin, and Vivvo all use the same menu bar.


My freakin' Tap date is in 4 days.  Will she make it?  Please don't place large bets, I have already passed 1 deadline for re-launch!


P.S., anyone done any work on useing the WordPress rotating tag cloud?  I have it and it's so cool, but I have no idea how to get it to pull up the actual used tags. Rgiht now it's working off a pre-defined list of words I supply in an XML file.

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