Clarification: IlBelloDelWEB Modules license code

ilbellodelweb posted 7th of October 2010 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Each license is for a single domain.
Dont install a module 2 (or more) times without a regular license code.
If you want install a module on another website, you must pay the module another time (contact us for a discount if you have already bought the same module one time).
You can require a new license code for a new domain. You can get the code for free if the previous domain has been deleted.
Every license is released as Permanent, so we dont offer time limited license.

For the test, we have created a dedicated website:

You can try and test on this demo site all our products: modules and templates.
If you move your site from to (without www) you can get a code for free.
But, if you want ask the new code for a new domain (ex. from to and you dont want to delete the previous site, you must pay the module another time.

You can also get a second license code for a localhost installation.