Idea, suggestion for the next release

Robin posted 16th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

Hello Boonex,


not sure if this was already posted or not but if not:


Idea/suggestion for the next release. I attached a screenshot to better describe my idea.


The option to hide field name(s) within a block where's the block title already describes the content  of the block. In this case the description of the field name isn't necessary when someoen views another profile.



detail info block in my example is holding a list of multiple fields and there respective values such as hair color, eye color, and body type etc. because you have multiple fields/values within a block, which is ok.

If the block was to just contain one particular subject, you wouldn't necessarly need the description of the field within the block because the block title pretty much explains the content. it'll look cleaner too.


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