Just getting started on Dolphin 7.0.5!

mrmedia99 posted 28th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

Heellllloooo Unity community!..


I'm super excited to be working on our Dolphin site for our customer. They are a Nashville, TN based music company that is going to make a splash with some big named music artists in Europe and here in the US very shortly. Stay tuned for the soft launch as Ill announce it here first!!.

We have literally (just the end of last week) installed Dolphin on our servers and it was a breeze. I dont think that it took is more than a few hours once we had our heads wrapped around the layered solution. But running a small hosting company on linux servers we are used to that.  And yesterday I tinkered around with the Administrator panel and surprisingly got the menus, and menu bar slimmed down, user groups configured, and logo's' uploaded. Now mind you we have lots more customization to do, but given things here are Style sheet and PHP based I would hope that the page colors and image button placement wouldnt be that hard...lol..


We chose Dolphin for a couple of key reasons.

1) Due to all of the features that it contains. Where else can you get all of this in 1 place for this price??..Now Ive seen loads of negative posts both on here and elsewhere on the interweb where people are complaining about Dolphin functionality not working and things along that line. My thoughts personally?.. People, even if its 60-70% functional it will save you and your clients months of development time, which will enable the sites to launch way sooner. Now if I update my site once its working the way we want and it breaks a ton of our code then that's a horse of a different color.. But that also should be staged in a separate devel environment. So all of us IT pro's know how that goes.

2) Cross Platform compatibility. Hate to say it, but see answer #1. iTouch this, Android that, Window Pains, and CPanel!..My small company runs a CPanel shared hosting environment and this was a no brainer. With enough time and money you can build anything you want, but we didnt have that luxury. In fact my customer was short on both, so it seemed to be an obvious choice.


I'm sure I could list more but you see where I'm coming from. Now for the ask...lol.. As I said we are just starting down this path and could certainly use some pointers.. Ive searched the forums and they seem to be a little tough to navigate. So if yall know of any "primers" or "Start Here' development links that would awesome!..

While I cant promise you'll get to meet Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood or Shania Twain for assisting me I can assure you that you will get a good feeling of assisting someone that would otherwise be wandering around aimlessly bouncing off the padded walls. ;o)


I hope my note finds you and yours well today and here is a wish for a better tomorrow!

Peace Yall!


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